Sunday, 2 May 2010

Academy players linked with exits

The transfer rumours today are more to do with outs than ins. And upsettingly enough three of our Academy players are linked with departures. First it's Stephen Ireland and Micah Richards linked with a move to Manchester United, which would be very distressing. Then in today's News of the World there is a suggestion of Nedum Onuoha and Stephen Ireland moving to Everton and Sunderland respectively.

I'm increasingly resigned that our Golden Generation - Micah Richards, Nedum Onuoha, Stephen Ireland and Michael Johnson - are going to be squeezed out. The nature of our position, focussed on buying success with a demand for immediate results means that whoever the manager is, now or in the future, will not have the luxury of giving young players the time they need to grow into the side. Moreover, that golden generation are all now of the age - between 21 and 23 - when you expect to see some real development. Richards has improved this year, but I'm not sure he's my first choice right back. Onuoha is good but our fourth best centre back. Michael Johnson has barely played in years and Ireland has regressed this season, struggling for form and unpopular with a new manager who places so much emphasis on tactical discipline.

I don't know how this will play out but I anticipate tears.


thomas said...

I have some reservation about getting rid of all of them, due to next season premier league rules.

The 25 man squad requires 8 home grown players.

StanMCFC said...

It's all paper talk. But if any truth in the gossip, would be very upset to see Nedum leave in particular. He's a City fan and given a run in the team think he will become an old-fashioned stopper in the Dunnie mould, though a lot quicker. (Actually, he would be one of the first names on the team sheet if i was manager, either as a centre-back or right-back)

Also would be gutted to see Ireland and Johnson go. Less so about Richards. However, none of this has come from Mancini, hopefully it's all speculation...

If not, I'd actually sooner finish 5th and then we can build gradually without the pressure to bring in imported (and potentially mercenary) superstars...

Blue Moon said...

I don't think Ned will leave - he is not our 4th best CB, I think he can be better than Toure, who is in decline.

8 homegrown players eh? How about this list:


There you go, even if Ireland, SWP, Bridge and Micah leave, we are okay. Not even counting other guys like Stuart Taylor, Tippier, Mee, Mak etc. We are good to go

david said...

Not quite sure about Adam Johnson, Jolyeon Lescott, Gareth Barry being home grown Blue Moon.

Home grown to me is your Richards, Onouha, Ireland, Cunningham, Trippier etc, lads all from the Academy. Could be wrong but I think I am right. I do agree with you about Ned though. Could be really good if given a go.

Trippier for me is a potentially top class left back and one we should be getting back soon hopefully.

Blue Moon said...


Do you have a definition of "homegrown?" I though it was "born in England" or "foreign, but came up through the youth team." I could be wrong of course... wouldn't be the first time.

I love Ned. He could be England right back in 2014 and for Euro 2016 if handled right. Of course, he could be Nigeria's right back in 8 weeks as well...

david said...

Blue Moon

I think the confusion is between home grown and qualified to play for England.

Players like Ireland and Weiss are home grown. Your Richards and Onouha are home grown and qualify to play for England. The last 2 would be part of City's quota of having 8 players from your Academy who can play for the home Country. I.e England. I think that is right, but more like to be wrong. It has been known.

trinder said...

I would definitely keep Onouha (our second best centre half after Kompany), Ireland, Richards (who can still be a great player) and Michael Johnson.

I hate to see players leave who haven't had a proper chance to reach their potential. Some of these have had plenty of games but it's only playing time and maturity that will truly prove a player. Let them leave when they're not good enough at 24 or 25, not before.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunetly someone has fallen victim to paper talk.

Sure some of our younger lot will be sent out on loan, very few will be sold though.

Gossip, heresay, rumour, lies, fabrication, fantasy, make-believe, wishful thinking of the opposed.

Micah Richards? maybe
Michael johnson? maybe

A few reserve players like Vidal etc? maybe

But why on earth would City sell Ireland and Onouha?

Mark my words and believe, We will see mostly loans out and players in.