Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Rumoured clear-out

For all the attention on the chase for fourth, rumour clouds are beginning to form regarding this summer. The details are unclear but we all know there is going to be wrenching upheaval at MCFC this summer: players, managers, coaches, captains - no-one is safe.

Today's report from Neil Custis in The Sun gives four names of possible casualties should Roberto Mancini remain in charge; Emmanuel Adebayor, Stephen Ireland, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Stephen Ireland Wayne Bridge.

It smells of plausibility. It is easy to denigrate the reliability of tabloid reports but Neil Custis was ahead of the curve on these two MCFC transfer stories before.

I can certainly see Mancini seeking to shed all four of those players from the squad. Ireland, Wright-Phillips and Bridge have all had very patchy seasons, and there are questions over the ability of all three to compete in the Champions League. Adebayor might feel unfairly done by - 13 in 22 in the EPL is a decent return, given everything - but there are grounds for his replacement; namely that Carlos Tévez is our best player and we should find a more natural partner for him than the free-spirited and fairly casual Adebayor. This could be Fernando Torres, but it wouldn't have to be - there are others who could do that job well.

On an emotional level I would be devastated to see Stephen Ireland leave, because I love him and am desperate for him to succeed at City. But Mancini has clearly seen what Mark Hughes came to recognise - that Ireland needs a side built round him, and that a team chasing honours cannot always afford that. I am fond of Shaun Wright-Phillips, too, for obvious reasons. But I have little to no emotional attachment to Bridge and Adebayor, beyond gratitude and respect for continuing to play well despite difficult (but very different) personal circumstances that they have endured this season.

Of course, this whole report is premised on the idea that Roberto Mancini will be manager throughout the summer. This can't be guaranteed. So let's wait and see who's boss next year before going any further with this.


thomas said...

I'm not sure Custis is as reliable as you say, he is known to written several falsehoods about several clubs.

I have little affection for Ireland,and wouldn't be to sorry to see him go. A good player, he may be, but his attitude on the pitch has been poor the say the least.

I would prefer to of keep Adebayor, rather than let him go, but my feelings could be easily resolved with a good signing.

Swp contributed to his own downfall, whatever issues he has, should of been kept out of the press and that has coincided with some really poor form.

As for bridge, he hasn't been a successful signing, Poor final ball, rarely showing the form that brought him to chelsea.

jackblue said...

When, as I fervently hope and pray, Mancini is sent packing and we get a proper manager, this issue will be resolved by the new man. Hopefully he wants to keep good footballers.

Grumpy said...

I am sure Mancini has marked their cards, but I hope (nothing personal) that his is also marked - and Jose is installed after he wins the Champions League.

We'll see how special he is then.

thomas said...

I still don't understand the pretence that Mancini isn't a proper manager.
The stats speak for themselves, The team has improved in all all regards during his tenure.

Now your claiming Mancini wants to get rid of good footballer?

Tonimoroni said...

There's one popular player who has had by his own high standards a poor season and yet he will be given the chance to put things right and there's no talk of selling him on.

But perhaps they do things differently at Anfield.

Adam said...

thomas - the jury is still very much out on Mancini.

He's certainly not a bad manager and the stats back him up on that. But then again, neither are Rafa Benitez, Big Phil Scolari or Claudio Ranieri.

My point is this; if we want to win the Premiership one day, we don't simply need a decent manager, we need a world-class one. Plenty of very good (and resource rich) managers have tried for the big prize and failed.

I'm not ready to pull the plug on Mancini just yet, but to me, he looks more like a Rafa than a Jose.

Anonymous said...

Who is leaking these stories? Are they trying to destabilise the club at potentially the most critical time in its history? City need to manage the press in a far more effective way. Mancini, Cook and many of the players are frequently talking far too openly about issues that should remain in house and confidential.