Sunday, 4 April 2010


This season is now one of our best for decades. There's records being broken all over the place, but this is now our best 38 game season for 20 years. We currently have 16 wins and 59 points, having scored 64 goals.

In 1990/91 Peter Reid guided us to fifth place, where we acquired 17 wins and 62 points and scored 64 goals. Nothing's guaranteed but I'm sure we'll surpass the goals record and probably the points record too. We won't definitely get another two wins but we've got a decent chance.

If we're allowed to include 42 game seasons then we go back to 1977/78, when we won 20 games and scored 74 goals. We only won 52 points but this was the two points for a win era, adjust it for three and it works out at 72 points. (Sixteen of those league goals were scored by our current Assisstant Manager.)

We probably won't match 20 wins, 74 goals will be tight, and 72 points might be beyond us - although it is a fictional target. The point is though that this will surely be our best ever 38 game top flight season, and we have to go back 32 years to find a 42 game season when we did better - and we could well surpass that level. Which underlines our achievement.

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fulafalonga said...

Surely we have more than two wins left in us. I'm not worried about Spurs getting there ahead of us. Look at Liverpool's run in. They really should win at least four of their last five with Torres in the form he's in. And even that one tough game, against Chelsea, is at home. Birmingham tonight look the only other team who might be able to take something off them. The best I can reasonably envisage for us -- given the overall type of season we've had of sporadic bursts of brilliance amid a generally solid but uninspiring week-to-week grind of doing just enough or falling just short, and the odd stinker is: beating Birmingham, Villa (but I bet Dunne pops up and scores again) and Spurs, draw in the derby and Arsenal a loss. Will that be enough if Liverpool get 15? God help us if we have to get a result on the last day against West Ham. I feel a knotted pit in my stomach at the mere prospect, my vision is going blurry, and I can see, I see ....... annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn an injury time penalty about to be taken, it ....... it will be the last kick of the game ........... but I can't see for which side or what the score is...... must .... focus ...... harder ..... nnnnnnnnnnnnnnwaaaaaaaa wait a minute! Is that Patrick Vieira?