Thursday, 22 April 2010

Balotelli linked

At the end of Inter's compelling 3-1 defeat of Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday, Mario Balotelli stormed off the pitch and threw his shirt to the ground. The last year has seen a cycle of controversies, scandals and fall-outs surrounding Balotelli and the reports today suggest that Tuesday's hysterics will break the camel's back of Mourinho and Moratti's patience, and he will leave Inter in the summer.

Today's Gazzetta reports that he has requested a transfer and will be sold to either Arsenal or City this summer. It certainly makes sense. I'd be surprised if he stayed in Italy, given the abuse he receives around the country, and the unwillingness of Inter to sell him to one of their Serie A rivals. He needs a change of scene. And who better to buy Balotelli than the club managed by the man who gave him his Inter debut? Particularly when that club could afford whatever Massimo Moratti demanded, while being no direct threat to Inter in any 2010/11 competitions? It's clearly plausible.

He's clearly a very talented young player. I'm not sure I'd be too keen on having him though. Our dressing room is difficult as it is, with Craig Bellamy, Carlos Tévez, Emmanuel Adebayor in there and a possible return for Robinho. Throw Balotelli in as well and things will get worse before they get better. It's a story that is worth keeping an eye on this summer.


thomas said...

he's a class act, Inter fans are more fickle than Arsenal. He can play across the top in attack, ie both left right and centre, mancini knows him well and likes him. It would be a good move.

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I have to say I don't mind temperamental players as long as they get on with playing for the team and impressing on the pitch.

Bellamy for example is very tenacious but a hard working and a fantastic footballer on the pitch.

On the other hand take Robinho who has bags talent and has a different type of personality. He is like a big baby spitting his dummy out and calling everyone around.

Bellamy channels his anger on the pitch and Robinho hasn't got the mouse to do that.

What sort of personality is Ballotelli? I think he's more of a Bellamy than a Robinho but I will stand corrected if I'm wrong.

trinder said...

Get the best young players from across the world. If they're no good or their attitude stinks, get rid of them. It's dead easy to shift a young player with a cob on.

Paul said...

city sign mercenaries so this would be another joker to add to the list