Saturday, 3 April 2010

Putting the 'lad' in 'Galadasaray'

Danny linked to a story of Elano's sad failure to make the most of his talents at Galatasaray thus far. He has failed to live up to his fanfare and could well be sold in the summer. It's a real shame for all of us who want to see him do well.

I don't have the same attachment to Jô, though, and therfore I'm finding his travails really quite amusing. He's facing the same problems he had at City and at Everton - the incompatability of his partying, drinking, free-wheeling lifestyle with the demands of being a professional footballer at an elite club. He's got himself into trouble twice already for his parties.

None of this reflects too well on Frank Rijkaard. Like his Barcelona side, Galatasaray have descended into a discordant mess of competing egos, heavy partying and lazy Brazilians. But Rijkaard's Barcelona won two La Ligas and one Champions League before it all went wrong. Rijkaard's Gala have cut out the success and gone straight for the decline.

On the other hand, it does sound fun. Throw Giovani dos Santos, Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill and Milan Baroš in on top of the former blues and there's some serious jokers there. I've given up on getting an extra ticket for Arsenal v City, but if anyone's got a spare for the Galatasaray Christmas party 2010 please get in touch.

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