Monday, 26 April 2010

City ask for new keeper

It's being widely reported that we have asked for Premier League permission to bring in an emergency loan goalkeeper, such is our faith in Gunnar Nielsen.

There is precedent here - some teams are allowed an emergency loan when they are desperately short on keepers. I'm not sure how strong a case we have: Gunnar Nielsen is a 23 year old full international, not some naive adolescent who's only just started playing in goal.

Briefly, part of me wanted our request to get turned down - not just because I have total faith that Gunnar Nielsen is the new Arni Arason, but also because I think the bending of the rules to suit the bigger sides is pernicious. Remember Liverpool being allowed to to play Champions League football in 2005/06, or Javier Mascherano playing for three teams in one season? It's important that rules are applied equally to all teams.

But then I realised that we could conceivably bring in Nicky Weaver as our emergency goalkeeper, and now I'm very keen that we be allowed to. We're only really going to get someone who is a second-choice keeper at a team with nothing to play for - and Weaver fits the bill perfectly (as does Carlo Nash). He's a genuine City legend, for obvious reasons, and could write another chapter for himself in our history books if he could guide us to Champions League football. Can anyone think of a better idea?


Johnny Crossan said...

Joe Hart?

Adam said...

I don't think we'd be bending the rules to bring in an emergency loan 'keeper.

At the very least, we need cover for Gunnar Nielsen. If he gets injured, I'm not sure there's anyone else registered to play.

Elephant said...

Niall Quinn?

trinder said...

Ben Foster, the best young keeper in the country?

Tonimoroni said...

Hart can't come back due to his contract. We shouldn't get anyone in. Chelski played Turnbull in nets and we should make do with what we've got.