Friday, 30 April 2010

Players look forward to Villa

Kolo Touré:
"You know how the best way to cope with pressure like this? Just relax and enjoy the moment," Toure told

"Football is such a wonderful job that you need to enjoy every minute and if there is pressure on you, just go out with a smile and be happy because I believe that will allow you to play your normal game and deliver the goods.

"It is not every season that you have the opportunity to challenge for Champions League football.

"We are in a fantastic position and it's up to us how we deal with it. Ultimately, it comes down to how much we really want to finish fourth."
Pablo Zabaleta:

“It is great to get to this stage and our destiny still be in our own hands,” said Zabaleta. “Aston Villa are a very good side with great attacking players and like us, they believe they can qualify for the Champions League.

“It will be a really tough game because they don’t lose very often and like to hit you quickly on the break. Of course, we are aware of that, but we have to win this game and I believe we will if we play anywhere near our best...

“That point could be the one that makes the difference in the end – we won’t know until the final table is published. Now we have two huge home games coming up within the space of a few days and we need six points...

“I’m desperate to play in the last three games so I can help the club into fourth spot because we are ready for it and our supporters deserve the best.”

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