Friday, 16 April 2010

PFA Award nominations announced

I was excited this time last year when one of our own - Stephen Ireland - was nominated for PFA Young Player of the Year. But this year we've gone one further, with Carlos Tévez getting a much-deserved nomination for the real thing. I don't imagine he'll win it - Wayne Rooney has to be penned-in for it, and rightly so. Having a nominee, though, is something to proud of and a sign of how far we've come so quickly.

We are not without representation in the Young Player award, either. Joe Hart, who is one of ours even if he has been playing for Birmingham City all season, is on the short-list.


Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

It's a shame that Adam Johnson hadn't done the time to work his way into the list and perhaps he will get a shot at it next season.

I'm sure if put forward he'd win it.

As for Tevez and Rooney it's a close call but I agree Rooney has been in tremendous form and has been especially prolific with his head.

Although if we're going to talk about control, shielding the ball and vision for the rest of the team then I'd have to lay the gift firmly at Tevez's door although not by much. The fact that Rooney has such brilliant and power goals from the head as well as the rest of his game is just outstanding.

I hope if Rooney does play tomorrow that Tevez will shine and they shake hands at the end of it as Rooney could be moving to the other side of the City come the Transfer window :)

trinder said...

The PFA awards are a waste of everyone's time. Last year's winners, Ashley Young and Ryan Giggs, should never have come close. Ireland was streets ahead of Young and had a much better season than Giggs, who was given nothing more than a lifetime achievement award.

Rodney has been excellent this season and will win but Tevez has achieved more when you consider the team he's had to carry.