Monday, 19 April 2010

Petrov turns down 1 year deal

That's the story in the papers over the weekend:

Petrov has been offered a one-year extension to a deal that expires in the summer.

But the 31-year-old has indicated he will not sign unless he is offered a contract until 2012.

Petrov’s fitness problems have not helped his cause. He was sidelined for much of last season by injury and has not played for City since February.

He won't play again this season, so it looks like we won't see him again in blue. Given the state of his knees it's no surprise the club won't offer him a two year deal. So I imagine he will go on a free transfer in the summer. Which is a shame but looks fairly inevitable.


david said...

Nice knowing you Petrov. Stroppy git.All those matches out injured and still giving the club grief. Paid his wages whne injured while playing for his Country and still he whinged. Let him go and lets sign De Maria. This kids is the real deal. Johnson on the right, De Maria on the left, sorry got to go, wet trousers.

jadaandjon said...

Great first season when sven was in charge but he's become bit of liability not willing defend with the team.

I remember when we bought him he just had a serious knee injury. With his age now he's probably lost a yard of pace and is very predictable.

I also imagine we will be replacing him with another creative midfielder - hopefully hamsik/di maria/robinho?! :D

I will remember him fondly as an exciting left winger much like peter beagrie was...and ricky holden! lol maybe not.

jfell said...

Fuck him.

wizzballs said...

damned talented player going forward, the perfect mix of pace and a stunning left foot. mardy as feck. never likely to survive the cull, coveted by other teams who will offer him 3 years no probs. outcome: one less moaning git, some fond memories and angel di maria tearing it up.

jackblue said...

So that's Bellemy, Tevez, Robinho and Petrov going because they don't like the coaching Genius that is Mancini.
I know who I wish was going!!!

StanMCFC said...

If story about Bellamy wanting to leave in the summer is true, some people really don't know they are born.

90k a week, on the brink of Champions' League football and performing in front of fans who appreciate his passion and commitment on the pitch.

However, he's far from irreplaceable. Dodgy knees, doesn't score enough goals and potentially disruptive influence in dressing room.

Even if his relationship with Mancini is uneasy, he should be professional about it and focused on winning the next few games (instead of undermining the manager). Then he can decide whether to leave or stay in the summer.

For me, he cost us a real psychological boost on Saturday by attempting that risky ball with seconds to go. Even a point vs United would have helped instil confidence that we are getting closer to United, as well as the small matter of derailing their bid for a 4th successive premiership title!