Wednesday, 7 April 2010

MJ: 'I'm very positive'

It's that time again - the Michael Johnson fitness update. He says he's doing well and should be ready for the start of next season:

“I went down to see the surgeon for my 12 week check up just a few weeks ago and he gave me the all clear. It looks as though the surgery has been very successful.

“The graft was strong and he told me to start building up my running now and start strengthening my knee again day by day,” reported Johnson.

“It’s just a matter of time, patience hard work now. If everything goes to plan I am looking at the start of next season to be hopefully joining in with training sessions again.

"I’m very positive, the timing of pre season gives me a really good target and I’m very confident that I can make it. I suppose the rest of the team can’t think about the next season yet but that’s certainly what I‘m thinking about.”

If I've written this blogpost once I've written it three thousand times. I love Michael Johnson and I desperately, endlessly hope that he will rediscover the fitness and form of autumn 2007. City fans will never forget just how good he looked. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the most naturally-gifted footballer the MCFC Academy has produced, beyond even Stephen Ireland. His balance, his awareness of space and the time on the ball it grants him are all unlike almost any other young English midfielder.

We've been promised this before, and it hasn't worked out. Of course, it would be crass and offensive to blame him for rupturing his knee ligaments. But by all accounts he didn't exactly hasten his recovery time from those groin and abdominal muscle injuries. So, in a seasonal mode, I'm going all Doubting Thomas on this. Until I see him in blue and on the pitch I won't believe that he is risen.


Steven McInerney said...

Sadly share your negativity about his fitness....

However, I also share you positivity about his ability. In my opinion he has absolutely everything to his game. A fully fit Michael Johnson playing at the highest level week in week out would develop into one of the finest midfielders in the league. He's potentially THAT good.

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I'm going against the grain on this one as if in a vain attempt to convince myself that it will actually happen.

When he came back last time I can't recall who he came on against but he looked silky smooth and I am hopeful we will see a lot more of that.

Could he be the best player we have ever had at City? I'd have to say I think so! It would be nice to see him taking the Michael Johnson out of Messi in the champions league final next season.

Am I being too hopeful? Yeah probably but then again I like it that way!!!

ChrisR said...

against west ham we had a clearly overweight MJ still waltzing through their midfield, is this the game your thinking of?

Steven McInerney said...

I remember his come back game. He was massively overweight, but his technique and touch was undoubtedly superior to most on the pitch, despite not playing for such a long time. So much class and time on the ball.

Given a the fact that when he loses weight he's still a big man anyway, and he has good pace, he could quite easily boss the vast majority of most midfields. The sky's the limit if he gets fit.

Bluephill said...

In the words of Mark from Peepshow 'I would literally stab a baby' to see MJ fit and bossing midfields up and down the country again.

menino azul said...

remember his appearance vs scunthorphe in the carling cup? and that goal? that was enough to remind me of the sheer class the lad possesses.

for me, the blue moon rises when he's fit, solidified his place in the team and we're playing champions league football.

c'mon johnno-fulfill that potential!