Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Javi reaches fifty starts

Our greatest ever Basque player has now started fifty games for City and is pleased:

“I always try to do my best and like everyone else at the club, I’d love to play every week, but the fact is we have some great players here and any number who can play at left-back,” he said.

“I train hard and when the manager needs me, I’m always ready. It was really nice to make my 50th start in a game where we played so well as a team.

“We are in a great position and there is a fantastic spirit within the squad. We have a tough run-in, but we have plenty of confidence and are in great shape to end the season on a real high.”

I would do a 'Garrido's five greatest MCFC moments' but I wouldn't get any further than the free-kick against Liverpool and the free-kick against Wolves. He does have nice things to say about our forwards, too:

“We have so much quality up front that I really enjoy playing behind our front four,” said the Spaniard.

“As a defender, the best thing for me is that they don’t only attack – they defend, too, which is very important for us as a team. Ade and Tevez defend from the front and never give the opposition a moment’s peace and that sets the tone for us...

“Bellamy is more direct in his style while Johnson likes to cut inside more, but they are both very skilful, quick and have a lot of quality on the ball... Shaun Wright-Phillips is another very skilful, hard-working player I enjoy working with."


thomas said...

i like garrido, I can see why he did well in spain at an early age.

He's a very good footballer, but lacks good defensive positioning and a bit of pace. Seems like a good lad as well.

StanMCFC said...

Fans always seem to want at least one scapegoat no matter how well their team is playing. Can't understand it myself, particularly in Garrido's case when he seems to accept that he's only filling for Bridge/Lescott's absence.

JPB said...

Don't get me wrong, I love Garrido. He's gone some decent qualities - he's one of the better crossers of the ball at the club. I just don't think he's cut out to be a top level Premier League full back. For pace, strength, stamina and bravery he can't lay a finger on Cole or Evra.

JPB said...

'gone' obviously meant to be 'got.'

thomas said...

What about Didi Hamann?

StanMCFC said...

Jack, sure it's just that City fans (like most fans) always like to have something or someone to moan about. Garrido seems to have become a target recently, despite him being a second or third choice left-back - and doing okay when called upon.

He also seems to have a great attitude, which I hope City fans will learn to appreciate. That is for remainder of this season (after which he will probably be sold).


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pjdemers said...

Its nice to see that Garrido has his feet on the ground. He's a very good squad player and has proven a useful back up when Bridge has been out. That said I do agree with Jack that he's probably not quite cut out to be a high-quality EPL full back. He's was badly at fault for Jerome's goal as he was in no-man's land due to a schoolboy error of ball-watching and he still looks vulnerable to any player who's willing to run at him (I still have nightmares about the away leg to Aalborg last season).

Still, he has a place to play as a back up against mid-table teams who like to keep the ball on the ground but I agree that I think he's a liability defensively (Besides the points that Thomas made re: positional sense and pace, he often seems to lack conviction in his tackling). I would think that for the derby match Zabaleta must surely get the nod at LB if Bridge is still out.