Sunday, 18 April 2010

Rigg admits di María, Cardozo interest

Our Technical Director has admitted our interest in two of Benfica's many exciting South American forwards:
"Di Maria and Cardozo are two excellent players, very strong in their respective positions, and hence highly-rated in the international market," he told Record.

"It is logical, there is no need to hide, that a club like Manchester City to be attentive to players with such potential, who catch the interest of several clubs worldwide.

"I observe many players and I am well documented on these and also other athletes who play in Portugal, but I acknowledge that Di Maria and Cardozo are two fantastic players."

It looks like this has been translated back into English from an interview translated into Portugese in Record but it's still interesting. The problem, though, is that Benfica will be playing Champions League football next season. So I can't see them trading down to the Europa League.


thomas said...

wont be a problem. JPB, we will finish 4th.

shibart said...

Look at the remaining fixtures. Arsenal will take a hammering next and Tottenham will slip up against United and begin a downwards slope. Man City will be forth with at least 3 points to spare.