Tuesday, 27 April 2010

MCFC approach Fülöp, Hart

It sounds increasingly likely that we will be allowed to sign an emergency loan goalkeeper. And that our targets are Joe Hart and Márton Fülöp.

I'd be surprised if we managed to bring Hart back, given that he does not have a recall clause. I suppose the club could make a loan to Birmingham in 2010/11 contingent on his coming back for the next three games but that depends on our willingness to let him go next season.

Fülöp is more likely - he's a better option than I was expecting, really, and has more experience - at Premier League and international level - than Gunnar Nielsen. He's got to be the favourite to be in goal on Saturday.


Adam said...

We could always just offer Birmingham a bag of money...

Would they really not let Hart return for 3 games if they were offered, say, £2m+ quid?

Adam said...

To add to that last comment, I'd rather play Nielsen than Fulop.

Fulop hasn't played in the Premiership since he let 7 in against Chelsea.

Nielsen may be unproven and inexperienced, but Fulop is proven to be not good enough and experienced at letting lots of goals in. I know which I'd rather have.

trinder said...

I hope it's Joe Hart so we can sing England, England's Number One again, just like we did for Tony Coton, Nicky Weaver and David James. Did we for David Seaman? I can't remember.

The Electric Donkey said...

I'd rather have a defensive unit that has trained together and knows each other (reasonably) well. +1 for Gunner.

Also, haven't we shipped a few through crosses/corners? Gunner looked like he might be able to improve our performance in that area from the little I saw of him.