Friday, 4 June 2010

Yaya set for England?

Yaya Touré's agent, Dmitri Selçuk has said that a deal is done between his client and an unnamed Premier League club:

'If everything goes well, Yaya will go to England,' Seluk told Spanish radio station, Ona FM.

'But we can't talk about definite clubs. We already have a closed deal, and all will be resolved before the World Cup.'

This is interesting stuff. It's certainly conceivable that Yaya Touré has agreed terms with either us, Chelsea or Arsenal. Whether a deal has been agreed between the unnamed Premier League club and Barcelona is less clear. Selçuk has voiced his frustration that Barça were holding out for €35m (£29m), which is well over market value, particularly given Touré has only two years left on his deal. But it's quite possible that we will have paid that if we want him.

Recent reports, though, said Touré would much rather move to a big club than to City. Fair enough. What this all means is that we're not that much closer to knowing where he'll be playing next season, even if this is looking like an increasingly plausible move for us.


jfell said...

Ideally suited to the premier league if you ask me. Seen him play twice at the Camp Neu, the mans massive! Defending a lead with NDJ and YaYa in the midfield, game over.

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I'm not being funny but I fail to see how he can have signed a deal with a club already when he is still contracted to Barca.

I guess what they mean is that a deal has been done already and terms agreed but the sticking point is the fee to Barca. A bit sketchy but probably important if you are looking at who could be the potential suitors.

One thing is for sure no matter who that club may be it's one that does not want to held to ransom for the transfer fee and you have to therefore speculate as to what Barcelona's reasoning behind holding out for a higher fee.

If there are 3 clubs in for him then they could be expecting a battle or they could be expecting us to come in for a higher offer against a club where he is already destined to go or lastly they want to extract as much money from us as possible.

The general rule of thumb would suggest its a club that they know can pay top dollar and they may have anticipated that the club may crumble and pay over the odds.

I think we are right to hold out for the deal if it is us even if we do loose the battle to win the player.

It's a matter of time before clubs cannot hold us to ransom any more since players will be asking for a transfer rather than us chasing them.

Evidently though you are right in saying we have no idea which club he could be transferring to but the waiting around for more money suggests we may have some degree of involvement or perhaps they wish we did.

Anonymous said...

I heard some weeks ago he said he wanted to go to Chelsea first and then United second. He seems a good player but with a big ego!
I wouldnt be surprised if Chelsea take him since Joe Cole is not renewing and Ballack is likely to move on.
The only way he might sign for City is a HUGE pay packet and a promise of first team football, however may be even more dressing room unrest for RM?

Anonymous said...

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