Saturday, 19 June 2010

De Jong plays in comfortable Dutch win

Another easy day for Nigel de Jong, who played well enough in Holland's 1-0 defeat of Japan. It was a game very similar to the Dutch defeat of Denmark, as Japan defended in numbers and limited the space Holland had to play in. And like the Denmark game, it turned on a mistake, as Wesley Sneijder's shot was palmed into the net.

Given Japan's counter-attacking style, there was not much play for de Jong to break down but he made most of his tackles, and did so without risking ending anyone's career, which made a nice change. He could well be rested for Demy de Zeeuw or Stijn Schaars against Cameroon but will have a tougher job to do in the Last 16.


pjdemers said...
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pjdemers said...
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Johnny Crossan said...

Watch out for Chris Killen today Lonely

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I have no idea what pjdemers is on about. I guess this post was there to inform and allow fans to follows their team for whom they play for in the world cup.

I don't think it was meant to spur people in world cup analysis mode.

Anyway nige is the man and I like his new comments about city in the daily mail. He is a true blue and for me our most dedicated player of last season. I wish him and holland well in the cup.

pjdemers said...

Point taken Blue Phoenix and my apologies to you and other Man City fans and especially JPB. I was reacting to a post that day on the World Cup blog that I mistakenly thought he had penned.

There is a time and place but this wasn't it. I'll try to show better judgement in the future before standing on my soapbox.