Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Elano inspires Brazil win

In all my dreams for this World Cup, this was fairly prominent: a Brazil inspired by two City legends. This was just the first game, and against the weakest side in the group. But if the rest of the tournament is like this it will be a delight.

This was not the easiest win for the Seleção against a very well regimented North Korean side. They defended in numbers, threw themselves in front of everything in the vox and kept them out for the whole first half. Elano, willing to shoot from range, posed a threat, as did Robinho's quick footwork at times.

But the breakthrough came with help from Elano. Early in the second half he slid Maicon on the overlap, who reached the byline and shot with the outside of his right boot, angling the ball with ferocity behind the keeper and in. I think he meant it.

An assist for Elano was good. But his goal was even better. Robinho, growing in confidence, picked the ball up and played the perfect pass between defenders, Elano strolled on to meet it and casually placed it into the bottom corner. It was a goal of almost insulting ease, and reminded me just how much I missed them. Elano especially. Since he went I've missed him like a dead pet. I'm more keen for him to succeed in South Africa than any other individual.

After a goal and an assist in his first game, I'm dreaming he can keep this up into the final.


Jeff said...

You use the term 'legend' very loosely. How can either of those two be considered legends?

Anonymous said...

若無一番寒徹骨,焉得梅花撲鼻香。 ............................................................

fulafalonga said...

How can they be considered legends? You answered it yoursel, Jeff: very loosely. It's called irony. (Well, not strictly speaking, but near enough.) Dude also calls Gelson Fernandes and Samaras "legends". I think the logic is: You wore the shirt, you're a legend. I can live with that.