Thursday, 24 June 2010

Progress on Silva

There has been some progress on our move for David Silva in recent days. Valencia deputy chairman Javier Gomez said yesterday:
"As has been said, there is interest from Manchester City and we have permitted them to talk to the player, but we have reached no agreement and we have not talked about a fee."
This runs counter to Guillem Balague's claim that we have agreed a fee of £29m with Valencia. It's hard to know who to believe here - it's in Valencia's interest to say nothing has been agreed, just as it is in Balague's interest to put news-breaking stories on his website - but it does sound like we're moving in the right direction here.

The key to the deal, though, is not an agreement with the club but with the player. And Silva's agent, Julio Llorente, has questioned his client's enthusiasm for a move to City:
`We won't know where he is going this week because we're weighing up offers from three clubs and one of them is Chelsea. If Silva doesn't want to go (to City), the transfer isn't possible.'
This suggests that Silva would not see a move to MCFC as the fulfilment of a life-long ambition. And understandably so. As much as I love Silva as a footballer, and would delight in seeing someone with his skill and wit in a City shirt, I don't really want us to sign players who are not enthusiastic about playing for the club. It didn't exactly work well with Robinho.

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