Wednesday, 9 June 2010

More from Robinho

Something almost as tiresome and predictable as 'Yaya Touré might come to City but is waiting for better offers' stories; Robinho breaks the news that he'd rather play for someone other than Manchester City in 2010/11.
“Any footballer in the world would love to play for a club like Barca," De Souza said. “The relationship between Robinho and the board at Manchester City is very good, although it's true that there are some problems with the coach, Roberto Mancini.

"We have a meeting with City on the 16th. I will travel to Manchester with Gilvan de Souza (Robinho's father) and we will look at the situation with Robinho. "We know that City are looking for a club for Robinho. There will be no quotes (from Robinho, at the moment). Robinho is focused on winning the World Cup."
There's not much to add. We know he doesn't want to come back. I don't think Roberto Mancini is too concerned either way and while we wouldn't mind if he left, the club will want some return on the £32m invested in him. I always thought the most likely deal was as bait in a cash plus player deal with either Barcelona or Benfica for any of their players we want. But those deals are complicated enough without throwing Robson de Souza into the mix.


BigMalfan said...

I'm just taking a break from concreting my drive, but I'll have a new mix on in an hour or so if you'd like I could throw him into that one.

Mariustheancient said...
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Mariustheancient said...

Problem with Robinho is he is the best player in the world………….but only in his own head. He constantly harps on about how he wants to win the world player of the year like the Portugese poser and Kaka. Unfortunately, despite being even more of a narcissist than Robinho, the fact is Ronaldo was a great success in the EPL. Robinho quickly discovered that he needed more than a few fancy step overs in his arsenal to be successful, and consequently demonstrated to the world that he just was not good enough to play in that particular league. Of course because he is who he is and his ego is what it is, it could not possibly be his fault and so we now get a version of what Real got when he wanted out of the Bernabau. It’s everybody else’s fault, all he wants to do is play football for the fans but nobody loves him!!!! Watch out for the weepy press conference coming soon. Wake up Robbie, you couldn’t hack it in the toughest and best league in the world because your too lightweight and not good enough. By definition you can never be compared to the drama queen Ronaldo because he has been a success at both your previous club in Madrid and in the league that is just to big for you in England. You will be forever remembered as a second rate footballer who became a very rich Arabs expensive folly.

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Wigan Blue said...

He couldn't broach Premiership defences. So what makes him think he can broach Spanish defences?

Hopefully he can get a runners-up medal in the World Cup and we can swap him for anyone.