Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Vladi, RSC meet in Bloem

Another late update: we had the second World Cup clash between two current MCFC players the other day in Bloemfontein - Vladimir Weiss's Slovakia lost 2-0 to Roque Santa Cruz's Paraguay.

It was a decent game, Paraguay were much the better side, and while Weiss had a nice touch or two Santa Cruz looked quite good. Not as freely mobile as we might hope but playing ninety minutes of a World Cup as an achievement in itself for him. He played the articulate pivot between the energy and movement of Nelson Valdez and Lucas Barrios - and looks set to play in the last sixteen.


The Electric Donkey said...

y'see, THATS why I keep coming back. Phrases like "The articulate pivot". One step ahead of the cultured left foot.

Blue Moon said...

I'm just happy he has not fallen back on the lazy pundit cliche: "Well Organized"