Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tévez's celebration

Apparently he will not show Manchester United the same respect afforded to West Ham United should he score against them in the derby at Eastlands in April:
"I have decided not to celebrate my goals out of respect to West Ham," he told the Daily Mail.

"They were my first club in England and, in my heart, part of me will always be a Hammer.

"The professional part of me was really pleased with my first City goals at home but, personally, I would have preferred to beat another club.

"In the derby against United I had also decided not to celebrate our goals but, after the bad treatment I received from the supporters that day, I have changed my stance on that.

"If I score in the next derby then I am sure that I will celebrate."
Just as long as he doesn't run the length of the pitch and get a ban...

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Simon said...

This situation has wound me up somewhat. After Tevez's excellent behavior toward the Hammers fans, there were a lot of Arsenal fans commenting along the lines of "See, that's how a class ex-player acts, not like Ade blah blah blah", not appreciating the irony that the Hammers fans showed nothing but respect for Tevez before and during the game, whereas the idiot Arsenal fans showed the complete opposite to Ade. So, if you show respect, the player will respect the fans, if you treat the player with contempt & abuse then you will get it back. Simple. As for Carlos celebrating if he scores against the rags, again I think it's completely justified. How often did we hear United fans calling Carlos a 'legend', and beg for him not to leave? As soon as he did, the reception he received at the swamp was disgusting. So yes Carlos, I hope you get your first hat-trick for City against the rags and you celebrate each goal with fervor and excitement because it's what those fickle fans from Trafford Park deserve.
(Long post there, sorry!)