Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bellamy > Robinho

On current form would Robson de Souza get back into the first eleven? Not for me.

And I don't mean not at Old Trafford, or at Fratton Park or at any difficult match. I mean, not in any game because he's noticeably less good than Craig Bellamy at that left wing role he's been given.

If Robinho had scored Bellamy's first goal we would have heard all about how 'that's what £32.5m gets you.' And Bellamy's second? I'm not sure Robson has the pace to get past Ferdinand like that.


Henry Crun said...

I think Robinho will be on his way in January and if City manage to sign Arjen Robben, it will ba an excellent piece of business.

Bellamy certainly looks sharper and hungrier and works much much harder than his Brazilian team mate.

Bellamy's second goal brought to mind The Goat's goal when he skinned Gary Neville and slotted it past Bobo the Clown from an impossible angle.

For what it's worth, someone should have a quiet word with Slur Alex about his goal celebrations. He is beginning to resemble the embarrassing uncle that only gets wheeled out at family weddings.

Patrick said...

robben is playing for bayern munich. we should look to david silva or kun aguero if robson heads out.