Friday, 25 September 2009

Defending Bellamy

Ian Ladyman has a fascinating article in praise of Craig Bellamy in today's Mail. His attitude and professionalism has impressed since his transfer last January, and Ladyman has some good stories about him:

A dressing room packed with too many egos and too many introverts needed somebody to act as the manager's voice.

The Brazilian Robinho soon found out that Bellamy doesn't like those who don't share his views on teamwork. The Premier League's most expensive player was made to look and feel about six inches tall after Bellamy got stuck into him - verbally - after a particularly insipid display at Portsmouth last season.

I was at Fratton Park last season, and can say with honesty that I have never seen a lazier performance from a City player than Robinho that afternoon. So Bellamy belittling him afterwards is exactly what ought to have happened. The two are in competition for one place this season, and the more I see the more I think that Bellamy ought to be first choice. Even if that means upsetting Robinho to the point of crisis. It's a towering vindication for Mark Hughes.

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Bluephill said...

I hate Das Daily Mail with a passion but it's a ver good piece about Bellamy. I must admit I wasn't filled with enthusiasm when we signed him but he impressed me from his first game. He's got to be up there with Given and Barry with Hughes' top signings.