Saturday, 5 September 2009

Signings: trophy winners

(This is an update of a previous post.)

Two key themes run through all of our acquisitions under Hughes - particularly those made this summer: experience of the top six or so in the Premier League, and experience winning trophies. In Hughes' plan these two attributes will make a squad with the nous and the mentality to succeed under the immense pressure which now faces us. This shows the major trophies won by our current playing squad; it's quite an impressive record. Detail of top six Premier League experience to follow.

Champions League

2001 Roque Santa Cruz
2006 Sylvinho
2008 Carlos Tévez
2009 Sylvinho

Premier League

2001/02 Stuart Taylor
Kolo Touré
Wayne Bridge
2005/06 Shaun Wright-Phillips
2007/08 Carlos Tévez
2008/09 Carlos Tévez

FA Cup

2003 Stuart Taylor, Kolo Touré
2005 Kolo Touré
2007 Wayne Bridge, Shaun Wright-Phillips

League Cup

2007 Wayne Bridge, Shaun Wright-Phillips
2009 Carlos Tévez

La Liga

2004/05 Sylvinho
2005/06 Sylvinho
2006/07 Robinho
2007/08 Robinho
2008/09 Sylvinho


1999/2000 Roque Santa Cruz
Roque Santa Cruz
2002/03 Roque Santa Cruz
Roque Santa Cruz
2005/06 Roque Santa Cruz

Brazilian Championship

1998 Sylvinho
2002 Robinho
2004 Robinho
2005 Carlos Tévez

Then there's Vincent Kompany's two Belgian Leagues, plus Robinho's three trophies with the Brazilian national side (two Confederations Cups and a Copa America too) and all sorts of minor trophies too. So it's a pretty impressive record all told.

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