Friday, 14 August 2009

Trophy holders

Mark Hughes has spoken of the trophy winning experience within the current squad:

“We’ve added to the quality in the squad and, when you do that, you have a better chance of winning games. We made a list of all the honours this group of players have won and they include Champions League winners, Premier League winners, FA Cup winners, top international players, etc. The list is huge.

“You have to understand what it takes to win trophies and that’s what we have in this group now. You expect them to come to the fore when you have to come back from situations that look uncomfortable.”

So here's the list.

Champions League

2001 Roque Santa Cruz
2008 Carlos Tévez

Premier League

2001/02 Stuart Taylor
Kolo Touré
Wayne Bridge
2005/06 Shaun Wright-Phillips
2007/08 Carlos Tévez
2008/09 Carlos Tévez

FA Cup

2003 Stuart Taylor, Kolo Touré
2005 Kolo Touré
2007 Wayne Bridge, Shaun Wright-Phillips

League Cup

2007 Wayne Bridge, Shaun Wright-Phillips
2009 Carlos Tévez

La Liga

2006/07 Robinho
2007/08 Robinho


1999/2000 Roque Santa Cruz
Roque Santa Cruz
2002/03 Roque Santa Cruz
Roque Santa Cruz
2005/06 Roque Santa Cruz

Brazilian Championship

2002 Robinho
2004 Robinho
2005 Carlos Tévez

Then there's Vincent Kompany's two Belgian Leagues, plus Robinho's three trophies with the Brazilian national side (two Confederations Cups and a Copa America too) and all sorts of minor trophies too. So it's a pretty impressive record all told.

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tommytheblue said...

zab won a cup in spain too...(cope del rey!

It's important to have winners, Robinho talked about this last season. It's something we have missed!