Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The next paulista

I wrote last September that all four of Brazilian contingent were paulistas - that is, from the state of São Paulo. As it turned out, having four Brazilians did not work out either on or off the pitch last season, and Elano, Jô and Glauber have all now left. But Mark Hughes clearly has a heart, because not only has he brought in a new Brazilian to pal up with Robinho, but he's another paulista too: straight outta São Paulo.

He is, though, a former Corinthians player, and I gather that Corinthians and Santos (Robinho and Elano's former club) are rivals. Can any of my Brazilian readers (58 visits from there last month) shed any light on this?


newsoftheblues said...

thats where taggarts gone wrong with his brazillians

anderson, possebo and the da silvas are all from different parts .

Da C.I.A. said...
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Da C.I.A. said...

Corinthians its the most hated team from Santos'fans ( The "santistas" ) because Corinthians is the most popular team from São Paulo.

São Paulo ( the State )has 4 big teams: Corinthians, São Paulo and Palmeiras are from capital of the state, São Paulo. Santos has born on a beach city called Santos. In %, we can say that paulistas are:
45% Corinthianos;
25% São Paulinos;
20% Palmeirenses;
10% Santistas.

Robinho hates Corinthians till now and I think that he doesn't like Tevez. Remember, Tevez had happy and spectacular moments at Corinthians, just when Robinho was makins his controversial transfer to Real Madrid.

JPB said...

Thanks very much Da C.I.A. - that's fascinating.