Monday, 3 August 2009

Ladyman: Lescott hands in transfer request

Maybe I won't get my dream of a Distin return after all.

Ian Ladyman just has a piece go up on MailOnline, which I presume is the basis for an article in Tuesday's paper, saying that Lescott has today handed in a written transfer request:

But Sportsmail understands that Lescott was this morning in the process of formally writing to Everton chairman Bill Kenwright to make it clear that he wants to leave, even if it means waiving his rights to a pay-off.

Having had their fingers burned by their failure to land John Terry from Chelsea, City will not increase their offer to Everton until there is a formal and clear indication from Lescott that he is ready to walk away.

City remain optimistic that they will manage to sign Lescott and they are happy to go above the £20m mark to do so.

This is big news - the game changer that we have been waiting for. I imagine it will induce us to make a third bid of £20m or higher. Whether this will make Everton likely to accept, I'm not sure. Transfer request or not I still don't think we should be going above £20m, especially when we could get Distin for a fraction of that.

UPDATE: There's a James Ducker article making a similar point: Lescott has requested a transfer, City will bid more, Everton are by no means certain to take the increased bid, and if they do not we will go for Bassong and Distin instead. So it seems as if there are two ways that this can go down.


Anonymous said...

The Polls on here are rigged, any old fan from any old club can come on here and vote, Everton fans are going to come on here and vote City to walk away, does that mean all City fans want City to walk away.

Steven McInerney said...

Cityblue - why would the everton fans actually care to come on here and vote?

Daniel said...

Because everyone loves an Everton conspiracy theory! I'm a City fan and I voted 'walk away'. If he wants to play for us next season then let him come to us. I'll wait for more reliable sources to pick up the story of him handing in a transfer request before I believe it.

Distin will turn 32 in December. Something to keep in mind. It's clear that the search is limited to left-footed center-backs. I didn't pay much attention to Bassong last season. I think I'd rather have Alex or Philippe Mexès.