Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Transfer requested, if no 'transfer request'

The line today regarding Joleon Lescott seems to be in tune with what James Ducker wrote in The Times - that Lescott has asked to leave, while not quite going so far as to hand in a 'transfer request.' Check this report from the BBC:

Everton defender Joleon Lescott has told the club he wants to leave but is yet to hand in an official transfer request, BBC Radio 5 live understands.

It's interesting enough in underlining that the 'transfer request' does have some formal, precise meaning rather than just being a rather strange way of saying that a player has requested to leave. (In that sense it is unlike the 'transfer list' on which players are apparently placed, which surely doesn't actually exist as a list, but rather as a description of a player's availability to potentially interested clubs.)

But anyway, the point is that while Lescott seems interested in a move to City he may not be sufficiently interested to force his way out of Everton. Which puts the onus back on Hughes and Cook to think how much higher they are willing to bid for him. The key known unknown here, though, is the impact of Lescott's request on Moyes and Kenwright's asking price. Before this request, there was no real chance of an agreement on a fee. It is possible that Everton will now lower their asking price to something sufficiently close to £20m for us to agree to it, but until they do, we just can't tell how this is going to play out.


Anonymous said...

Kenwright, a shyster, eyes glittering, sweating on a "deal" a bluffer who would sell his mother for hard cash.
Face him out, the clown is transparent with a chicken coop of a ground and no cash.
Scousers, know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

bluefish said...

Re: the transfer list which 'surely doesn't actually exist as a list'; it surely does!! See http://www.givemefootball.com/pfa-transfer-list on the PFA website. HTH

Anonymous said...

"Known unknown"?!?! Blimey Jack - that was like Rumsfeld in his pomp! mrt - How much for a go on Jenny Seagrove?

pjdemers said...

we need to walk away from this one right now. while Lescott would be a good addition the asking price is way too high.

I would not be surprised if MH does make an offer Bruno Alves at Porto or hopefully look to the Bundesliga given his successful track record there.

While I'll probably be ridiculed ruthlessly there is also the very real chance that Richard Dunne could rediscover his old form. If he can rediscover his confidence I think he will still have something to offer.

Ambient said...

He's not putting in a formal transfer request because 5% of around £20 million is too good a chance to pass up.

I think this is all about managing Everton fans expectations. so that greasey Kenwright and Moyes, don't take the blame, Lescott does.

Everton have been linked with a number of players, of which, without the Lescott cash, they haven't a hope in hell, of signing.

Would Senderos go to Everton simply as a stand in for Jagielka. I don't think so.

blue said...

we may have a chicken coop ground but we have something all your money cant buy class and mark hughes is like a fat kid in the sweet shop buying all the sweets all the players are ther for the money no interest in your tacky new money club

trinder said...

Everton have got class have they Blue? Is that the same Everton that is England's most racist club? Or the Everton with the fans that spit on the Hillsborough memorial at Anfield?

Bluefish, I had no idea such a list existed. It's fascinating. Michael Ball is on there, as is Berti.