Friday, 28 August 2009

Palace ratings

Given Yet again he bailed us out with three or four quality saves, particularly from Freddie Sears in the first half and then a few others low down and late on. I do wonder how we would have done in our first few games this season with Joe Hart still in goal. Arguably the team's most important player. 8

Richards Was given a torrid time by Palace left-winger Victor Moses, picking up an early yellow card and never really looking comfortable against his direct running. Was beaten too many times as Palace surged forward. Did not offer too much going forward. How much longer can the case for Zabaleta be ignored? 4

Touré His first game as City captain, and we can only hope that it is the first of many. A towering presence in the air, he had some real battles with Alassane N'Diaye from Palace set-pieces and looked more assured than the occasionally jittery Lescott. 7

Lescott In some ways the man of the day - every touch was cheered in the opening minutes - but he didn't have the smoothest of debuts. Caught out too many times by the pace of Freddie Sears and missed one or two important clearances or interceptions. A few touches of real class bringing the ball out of the back show that he's got the ability to be a big star though. 6

Bridge Linked up well with Robinho and Gareth Barry down the left, as he has done so far this season. Generally competent at the back, although he could have been booked at the very least for a tackle on Moses that Neil Warnock described as 'manslaughter.' 6

Barry A real class act. His ability to retain possession in the most difficult of circumstances is a marvel, and most of our attacks last night started with him. Already looks like he's been playing for City for years. As good a piece of business as Shay Given, and as important a player to our team now. 8

Ireland Another game in his new Xabi Alonso role and he still does not look fully comfortable with it: denied time on the ball and unable to dictate play as was his job. There were bright moments - his assist to SWP and a one-two with Tévez - but only when he broke his shackles and surged forward. 5

SWP Our brightest attacking player on the night, and one of the form players in the first month of the season. Every time he got the ball he looked dangerous, jinking past Palace defenders in a way Robinho could not. Took his goal coolly and swung in the corner which Tévez headed in. 8

Tévez Clearly relished the cup tie atmosphere and battled hard with the Palace defenders all evening. Missed a few good chances - one after two minutes - but took his first goal for City well. 7

Adebayor Did not continue his scoring streak - had a very good chance but was denied by Julián Speroni. Otherwise effective at knitting attacks together and linking with Tévez and Robinho. 6

Robinho With the competition for places that we now have, he cannot continue to perform like this and keep his place in the team. He was poor last night, failing ever really to influence the game or cause any problems for the Palace right-back. Unlucky with one offside decision from the linesman. 4


Bellamy Too late to mark
de Jong Too late to mark


Ambient said...

I thought your rating of Robinho was a bit harsh.He "scored" a peach of a goal.

Philip said...

Don't understand or agree with a few of these ratings.

5 is very harsh for Ireland, who set up a goal and a great chance for Tevez with a brilliant pass. I know everyone seems to think he's playing deeper (he is), but he still gets forward a lot.

Your Robinho rating is harsh too; very unlucky with offsides, both as receiver and giver of passes, had a hand in the first goal, and also set SWP on goal with an exquisite pass.

I would also say Bridge was the best of the back 4 by some margin. He's really getting up and down the pitch well now, becoming an attacking force as well as a solid defender. If only we could say the same about Micah.

Benji said...

Ireland and Robinho bit harsh. Thought Robinho was quite effective last night, its just hard to tell what his role is sometimes. Not high up enough to be scoring, drifts in too much to be a winger. Although he's crap at tackling though, he worked hard last night and he makes good decisions when counter attacking. With so many attacking players, Ireland is being asked to be a lot more box to box. We see a lot less of his devastating bhursts into the box, but his work-rate and tackling remain second to none, and his range of passing and ball control still ensure he is one of the first on the team sheet. I'd give him a 7.

Richards is doing okay, but surely Zab has gotta be knocking on the door? I think Zabaleta is class, Richards has edge in power and pace, but Zabaleta is much cleverer in his positioning, and his tackling and delivery in the final third is excellent.

Jesus, our team is pretty immense! The bench is class! Kompany is IMO one of our best players - where the hell will he fit in? De Jong? Petrov?

newsoftheblues said...

robinho was pretty good last night.
His work rate was very good!

ireland was flat...and only decent when he broke forward. as for his tackles being second to none...What? He's too weak physically to do the role . He deserved the 5 not a seven, he lost possesion and failed to close down opposing midfield.

jonny crossan said...

I thought Barry deserved a 9. He was so effective all over the pich. When others were trying something too fancy, giving the ball away, being pushed around, or falling over (of which there was rather a lot - was there a studs issue?), he was there to help out, tidy up, move things forward, make it right. I think he will be immense for us. And the Lescott/Toure/Barry triangle looked really powerful.

I agree about Richards. Time and time again he was made to look ordinary by a Championship winger. I hate to say this because he is one of our own, but he does not really deserve his place.

Not sure about Ireland (also of course one of our own) - last year he looked world class, but he seems to have gone backwards.

You are hard on Robinho.I have never seen him work so hard - he did not, for once, "disappear" away from home. Mind you, Robinho tackling back is like a woman preaching or a horse walking on its hind legs: it may not be done well, but you are surprised to find it done at all.

ChrisR said...

I know he's getting a slating here, but I really think Richards was the right call at RB last night. Moses is a quick powerful runner, and Zabaleta would have really struggled IMHO. Zab's certainly better on the ball, and more intelligent and suitable against 'thinking' dribblers, but against fast powerful men I have too many flashbacks of his reckless challenges last year. I not saying Richards didn't make mistakes, but his physical attributes surely aided Moses into making bad deliveries/decisions

menino azul said...

can anyone actually remember when we last scored from a corner?

given is/and will be hailed a city legend.

more wins, more clean sheets...

one paper referred to us as 'galacticos' today.

as for us supporters, expectation is turning into belief!