Saturday, 29 August 2009

Hart slams the haters

Daniel Taylor has a very good interview with Joe Hart in The Guardian today. Hart, despite his rejection by City, is still very supportive of the club, and rejects 'the haters':
"There are too many bitter people. Too much jealousy. Everyone wants to knock them down but I hope they do really well. They have not broken any rules. They have paid the money, they are not doing it with backhanders, it's legitimate money. So good luck to them, I say."
And all this while he has no assured future at City:
"There's no guarantee I will ever play for them again," Hart says. "I would love to but, if I'm not needed, then fair enough. I'm at Birmingham now and I've got nothing to do with Manchester City any more. I still find myself supporting them, their result is the first one I look for and I want the lads to do well, but Birmingham are my priority now.
I don't imagine he will ever play for us again. If Shay Given was 36 or 37 Hart could well have a decent shot at being our first choice keeper on Given's retirement in a few seasons' time. But Shay is only 33. He should be able to play beyond his current contract, which expires at the end of the 2012/13 season, when he will be 37. And I can't forsee Hart wanting to spend the next four or five seasons in a perpetual state of loan, biding his time for Given's retirement.

It's tough on Joe. But revolutions have to have losers as well as winners, as we are about to see with Richard Dunne's departure. And can any City fan with open eyes watch the first three matches of this season and honestly say they'd stick with youth?

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