Monday, 3 August 2009

Elano criticises Hughes

In The Sun:
"I'm very, very sad to be leaving Manchester City.

"I loved the club and I loved England. I'm sad to leave all the friends I made and the fans.

"I wanted to stay but circumstances forced me out. I wasn't used properly by the manager.

"People within the club know what happened to me because I'd had very, very good times there.

"The manager has built a team the way he likes and, because of this, I expect him to win the Premier League this season."


Stephen said...

"..........I expect him to win the Premier League this season". Bitter side swipes from Ela trying to heap pressure on to Mark Hughes?

jackblue said...

Far as I can see if Elano played half as well as he moaned he might have been indispensable instead of the liability he became.