Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ade charged

With violent conduct and improper conduct:
Under the fast-track disciplinary process, Adebayor has been charged with violent conduct following an incident with Robin van Persie, which resulted in the Arsenal player receiving facial injuries.

Referee Mark Clattenburg has advised The FA that he did not see this incident, but has confirmed that had he done so, he would have sent Adebayor off for violent conduct. The player has until 6pm on Wednesday evening to respond to the charge.

Adebayor has also been charged with improper conduct following his actions when turning and running the full length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the Arsenal supporters after scoring.
Looks like a three game ban for the stamp and then maybe the same for the celebration. We'll have to wait and see. But Craig Bellamy must now be assured a start through the middle at Old Trafford.


Kyle Deuling said...

I am really worried by this, a big part of our win against arsenal was SWP and Bellamy's magnificent tracking back ability. If we play Petrov on the left Bridge will be hung out to dry on too many runs... In all honesty, if Bellamy can keep up the form he showed against arsenal Robbie will have quite a struggle to get into the side...

Elephant said...

Let me see if I understand this.

Clattenburg would have sent Adebayor off if he had seen the "stamp". So he's cited for violent conduct.

Presumably, it also follows that he didn't see van Persie's awful challenge, which was at least borderline red. But no citing for him.

On the other hand, he did see the goal celebration, and issued a yellow card. This doesn't matter, and he can be cited for improper conduct anyway. The likely ban is a further three games, made worse because GMP have complained. The precedent of Gary Neville (£5k fine, no ban) is not relevant.

Meanwhile, Arsenal fans try to invade the pitch, hurting a steward. Arsenal allow van Persie to put out on their website a venomous statement alleging criminal conduct by another professional, which they must know will subvert due process. The FA do absolutely nothing about either of these things.

Am I paranoid, or do different rules seem to apply if you're a jumped up little parvenu, trying to break into the big boys' clique?

Jon said...


Spot on mate - couldn't agree more! One rule for the "big four", and another for the "pretenders"... Disgraceful - the F.A. should be impartial and act with an even hand, if they are to be taken seriously.