Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hélan reaction

Mark Hughes feels as if City are on safe ground legally:

"We are quite comfortable with how we have conducted ourselves in this case," said Hughes.

"We have taken legal advice in regard to the situation and obviously there is an ongoing legal issue with his previous club. But the legal advice leaves us quite happy with how we have acted.

"I am sure when we eventually get a conclusion people will see our conduct has been absolutely correct."

I have no idea how long it will take FIFA to find in our case. We have to trust that the legal advice the club has heard will accord with FIFA's understanding of the case. But I'd be surprised if Chelsea had no legal advice of the Kakuta case and we know how that's ended.

Regardless, it's worth noting that Hughes is 'happy' and 'comfortable' in the light of legal advice - that is, he is content because he thinks that we have not broken any rules. The issue of morality - whether or not it is right to take fifteen or sixteen year olds from their home clubs to City, on the off-chance that they might make it - is not confronted. At least Wenger tried to defend it on moral grounds. Like I said, it's all in the game.


Ambient said...

French clubs have been trawling the African nations for young talent for years now. Suddenly that not a question of morality for them then? The hypocrisy on this subject is immense. No make that massive.

newsoftheblues said...

it also helps that Helen looks awesome! A real gem!