Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hughes and Ferguson

Daniel Taylor has an interesting insight into the relationship between Mark Hughes and Sir Alex Ferguson on guardian.co.uk today. His point is that unlike many former United players he does not get on very well with Ferguson, having thought that he never rated him as a player.

The popular though inaccurate theory is that it all dates back to a 4-3 defeat for United at Blackburn Rovers in February 2006, when Hughes was in charge at Ewood Park and Ferguson had a post-match drink with him, congratulated him for the win and then, in a moment of vintage Ferguson, went on television to berate Rovers' playing style. Others say Hughes just likes to be his own man. Some managers cling to Ferguson's coat-tails and convince themselves he is their friend. Hughes is dispassionate. He does not see the need to cosy up just as, in any walk of life, when you leave one job for another it is not always necessary to keep in touch with your old boss.

It's worth reading. I certainly think that there's something in this. I imagine that it is also connected with Hughes' famously cold relationship with his former United teammate - and Ferguson's protégé Steve Bruce.

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Henry Crun said...

I think Mr Taylor needs to go back further than that. Anyone remember the fiasco at the end of Hughes's United career and the charade of having Hughes sign a contract extension on the Old Toilet pitch just before a game. It was later revealed that the contract was not signed and Hughes left on a free at the end of the season.

Ferguson is very good at one thing...bearing a grudge.