Sunday, 20 September 2009

Derby player ratings

Given Crucial saves in the second half kept us in the game. Possible misjudgement for Fletcher's first header but this is another game which would have gone much worse with almost any other Premier League keeper between our sticks. 7

Richards Lost Patrice Evra for Rooney's goal, gave away the free-kick for Fletcher's second. Otherwise performed manfully but two mistakes is two too many against United. 4

Touré Slipped in front of Rooney for the first goal, lost Fletcher for the third and Owen for the fourth. Otherwise perfect - including the surging run for Tévez's first half miss. But if we wanted solid defence but for occasional and damaging errors we could have stuck with Dunne. 5

Lescott Looked rattled early on but improved in time. The gelling of him and Kolo could be the difference between our finishing fourth or fifth. 6

Bridge Sloppy in possession in the first half but made some important interceptions in the second half. None of his characteristic forward surges either. 5

de Jong Immense in the first half in his tackling and ball-retention. Did not allow United to go back ahead after Barry's equaliser. Could not quite influence the game in the same way in the second half but still demonstrated his importance against the better sides. 7

Barry Not as dominant as he has been so far this season, thanks to the pressure of Darren Fletcher. Took his first goal in blue very coolly. 6

SWP Worked hard, coming in off the right for the ball but could never really get past Evra as easily as he does against lesser left-backs. 6

Ireland One or two very nice touches - the back-heeled spin on the turn for Tévez was genius - and one or two important tackles - but still in keeping with his generally quieter performances this season. Needs a big game. 5

Bellamy This was so close to being 'the Bellamy derby.' Tireless work down the left hand side - as we have come to expect - but two fantastic goals too. The first was a thunderbolt from a relatively wide position - reminiscent of Robinho, who I wouldn't put back in the team based on Bellamy's current form, and the second was a fantastic burst of pace and a cool finish past Foster. One of the stars of the season. 8

Tévez Tireless work created our first goal but when called upon to score his second he failed. Who knows what would have happened had he scored. 6


Petrov Good pass to Bellamy but little else 6

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OxfordBlue said...

Richards was also guilty of ball watching during the final seconds. Although he was not alone in the defensive mistakes dept the picturesclearly show Owen glance over his shoulder just as Giigs receives the bal for the fateful pass. Seeing the right back has gone walkabout he backs away into the space and the rest is history. SWP makes a good effort to cover but it is too late and once again Richards is left pointing at where HE should have been stood.
I would give him a 3.
I fail to see what Mark Hughes identifies in him. Slower that a supertanker to turn,woefully lacksadaisical in regaining his position (the number of times I have shouted at his dawdling meander back to defence!), unable to get past most counterparts, a poor crosser and woeful finisher in tight positions (I know he's not a forward but he reacts SO slowly) and seemingly incapable of stopping wingers fro getting crosses in..........I would plump for the work ethic and comitment of Zabaleta every time.