Monday, 14 September 2009

4 in 4

No, not Adebayor, but another mercurial City striker of recent years: Rolando Bianchi.

Torino were relegated last season and, rather than abandon ship and find a Serie A club, he has stuck with the Granata, aiming to return them to the top flight at the first attempt. Thus far he has been good to his word. He started with two goals in the 3-0 win at Grosetto on opening day. Then it was Empoli at home, and another 3-0 win - Bianchi scored the third.

A disappointing 1-0 defeat at Brescia followed, before last weekend's 2-1 victory over Albinoleffe. Il Toro went one goal down early on, before Francesco Pratali pulled one back. And it was Bianchi who won it with a goal early in the second half.

Torino are currently third in Serie B with nine points from four games.


Will said...


i had high hopes for Rolando, always wonder why svennis didn't give him much of a chance.

Stephen said...

I too have been keeping an eye on Roly's performances this season and am pleased to see him doing well.

I took to him immediately at City - what a great day the opening game of the season was against West Ham. His ability and passionate celebration that day was a joy to behold. His touch was superb as was his all round striking capabilities. However, to please the plebs, a striker must be able to tackle and sprint the length of the field to cover any slip ups made by his own centre back team mates.

Folks also fell for the old "Man City star moans about our food" headlines and he dared to wear a high neck vest - 2 things both punishable by hanging on some terraces - and so his striking prowess and skill became insignificant.

I will always have a touch of man-love for Roly. Maybe he was too handsome for Sven's liking....