Saturday, 19 September 2009

Derby interview

I've done an interview with United blog Republik of Mancunia in the build-up to the derby. We discuss Carlos Tévez, my hopes for the derby, and those charming songs City fans sing about our two new strikers.

Check it out here.


Will said...

Good job he restrained from any loaded questions...

Gratian said...

Why do you want to get invloved with that filthy website. That site is even degrading to united fans. Some proper filth on there.

someblokeintheuk said...

The interview was spot on especially when it comes to the munich and ade chants. I hate them, they do nothing for the club and show bitterness that we simply don't need to carry with us.

Dominic said...

"On current form, Spurs will beat us to 5th spot". How on earth did you figure that one out? It's not my prediction, but on current form it will be us and Chelsea battling for first spot... ON CURRENT FORM! But that is obviously subject to change... Doh!

Luke said...

Well done Jack, you represented your readers well with your sensible and thoughtful interview.

One thing thas exasperates me about being a city fan is the extent to which some of my fellow supporters are obsessed with the reds.

It's high time we let City stand and rise on its own.

Stephen said...

A mistake, I feel, Jack.
Answering questions re Munich so seriously only adds weight to the whole issue. These chants are sung by idiots and folk who you would never want to engage in conversation, let alone friendship.
It is unfortunate that you, and many others, inc myself, have one thing and one thing only in common with the "Munich" choir.......supporting City.

To feel the need to apologise for these vulgar people gives them credence they do not deserve. I do NOT represent these people in anyway, and neither should you feel that you do.

Terraces are not the exclusive domain of great thinkers and rational human beings, so any utd fan who can't apply this fact to the "Munich" issue ought to be ignored.

Yes, what they sing is very wrong but any red worth their salt wouldn't place all Blues in the same bracket.

I admire your concern but I don't think you can lead a crusade and be an apologist for will only give them a louder, stronger voice.