Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Petrov out, Bentley in?

The big story today is that we are in talks with Spurs over a Martin Petrov plus cash deal for David Bentley.

Like most City fans, I am not up for this at all. Not only is the prospect of David Bentley in blue quite unappealing - he was unambiguously a bad apple before his recent drink-driving conviction, but it seems like astonishingly bad business for the club. The deal rumoured (it may turn out differently) was to take Bentley for Martin Petrov and £10million!

The problem here is not our end of the deal; we don't need the money and, having played Craig Bellamy on the left last Sunday, it looks like we don't need Petrov. Rather, the problem is what we're giving our closest rivals. Martin Petrov, as an old fashioned outside left, is a rare commodity in the Premier League. He's also rather good - better, I think, than almost all of his fellow left wingers in the EPL: Albert Riera, Stewart Downing, Morten Gamst Pedersen, Matthew Etherington and so forth. Giving him to Tottenham, given how good a job he could do there, doesn't seem smart. Also giving Tottenham £10m to spend on David James, Niko Kranjčar, Sandro or whoever else they're going for makes even less sense. And all of this for one of their reserves?


newsoftheblues said...

fully agree jpb , i dont like this one bit, petrov is the only and best specialised crosser of the ball in the squad. Bellamy is a striker, he's a make shift flank player at best, if hughes is going to rotate robbie, this could be a really bad move!

Chris said...

Petrov really isn't needed...so we ship him out. However, to not replace him would be madness. Bentley has a great shot and was superb at Blackburn so would be a good addition to the squad if the risk pays off.

Anyway, Petrov is the most one-footed player in our squad. He can't cross to save himself too. He is just all pace and dynamism. Overrated.

The Electric Donkey said...

A loan? Troubles our competitors (bar spurs) but not us. Gets MP in the spotlight for World Cup. Only problem might be length left on MP's contract.

Having said all this, I am dead against this move. Bentley not good enough. Maybe he wants out of the limelight - he'd get that on the bench.

luke marsh said...

It also shoots this to shit;

But I have to say Hughes transfer policy, although brutal has been good so far. I guess age and injuries should be taken into account. But still seams a shame. A complete end to the Sven master plan… if he had one?

Lee F said...

This would be a terrible deal for us as you say. Spurs should be giving us £10million for the swap.