Thursday, 11 December 2008

Two West Ham players linked

Thursday morning's papers link us with moves for two West Ham players, Matthew Upson and Craig Bellamy.

The Upson story apparently started in the Daily Express, but their website is terrible so I'll link to the story in the Daily Telegraph instead. (UPDATE Express story here). It's not big news that we're looking for a centre back, but to be able to get someone of Upson's age (29) and experience (200 Premier League and football league matches, 12 England caps) makes this is a good option. Apart from anything else, he's a very good defender. Of course £10m is a silly fee, but that's just something we'll have to get used to.

The Daily Mirror says that we're going to go for Craig Bellamy for £6m. This I'm less enthusiastic about. It was mentioned back in August, and I wasn't too keen. On the other hand, if Hughes and Bowen think they can the best out of him we have to respect their judgement. But with all the strikers we're seriously linked with (I include Villa in this, plus of course Henry, Podolski, Santa Cruz etc), surely we can do better than Bellamy?

But given the relative state of our and West Ham's finances, we can pretty much take whoever we want from the Boleyn Ground.


tommytheblue said...

upson is vastly over-rated, he's no better than dunne.
and the other fella is a dispicable bloke. dont want him anyway near our club. he isnt that good.

Carl1966 said...

Regarding your last comment !!!!Arrogant with a capital A ... what a di+k you really are !!

MCFC fans the new Chelsea "let's see howm far we can our heads up our own arses" t+ats !!!

JPB said...

It is unambiguously true though.