Saturday, 13 December 2008

City vs Everton player ratings

Hart One exceptional save in the first half, and generally competent for the rest of the game. Could not have doen much for Cahill's goal. 7

Zabaleta Another strong performance. Brave tackling, good forward runs and a few important interceptions. One fantastic header - directing a Phil Neville cross in between Tim Cahill and our goal. 7

Dunne Up against two attacking midfielders, Arteta and Cahill, he didn't look particularly sharp. Dominated by Fellaini at set plays. 5

Richards Better than he has been recently - won his share of headers. An improvement on Ben Haim, but not on Upson or Kolo Toure. 6

Ball Much better than his Craven Cottage catastrophe. Not really troubled defensively, and put in some Garrido-like crosses. Neither him nor Javi will survive January though, surely. 7

Kompany Asked, yet again, to hold back the hordes as Ireland and Elano were off trying to make magic. Was left out-numbered and lost out to Castillo and Fellaini in midfield. Could do with Diarra to give him a hand. 6

Ireland Increased workload and increased expectations look to be taking their toll. Some nice touches and good tackles but not enough given we were playing with a two man midfield (see below). Had our two best chances - could have done better with the first. 6

Elano In a three man midfield everyone has to do their bit. Elano, however, jogged around and lost the ball. Not quite our most anonymous Brazilian today, but close. Will not survive the return of Johnson? 4

SWP Our best attacking player. Always alert and eager - his duel with Lescott was as close to quality as the game got. Hit the bar with our best effort of the first half. 7

Benjani Not good enough. Size is not enough - his link up play offered nothing to the three behind him. Touch, vision, passing all off. The time when he was through on goal but could not control the ball summed up his problems well. Another one who has to watch for those returning from injury and coming in next month. 4

Robinho Did not look 100% fit - struggled to get into the game. We really need him to be there at the Hawthorns in eight days time. 5


Jo (well done to greenblue for pointing out I forgot to rate him initially) Looked no more effective than Benjani. Drifted around the Everton half, failed to stand up to Yobo and Jagielka, never really got in the box. Everton apparently want him on loan - on today's evidence they're better off with Cahill. 5

Vassell I never, ever thought that I would one day be pleased to see Darius Vassell come on for Robinho. But this afternoon, that moment came. Ran admirably around alot - didn't play much football. 6


jfell said...

Was that as depressing to write as it was to read?

I hope Hughes doesn't get distracted by "Superstar" signings in January; we need more Kompany/Zabaleta type signings at CB, LB, CM & CF. I think a bit of graft from proven, if unexceptional, players is required to elevate our lowly league position. As the seasonal freezing of our Brazilian twinkle toes starts things are going to get worse...

tommytheblue said...

wow ffour for elano...crazy, he was one of the best players todays,certianly that sentiment was felt on gmr and the likes afterwards...

yes he was indifferent int eh second half, but so was everyone else...he was better than robinho.

Ireland poor finishing and general weaknes meant he was easily bullied.

otherwise yes, dunne was calamtious.

greenblue said...

You didn't even rate Jo. Neither did I.

JPB said...

Greenblue - good spot. I'll get on that now.