Sunday, 7 December 2008


We're fourteenth, with only 18 points from 16 games.

We've scored the second most goals in the league: 30. Chelsea have 35. Then it's Arsenal on 28, United on 27 and Villa on 25.

This is ludicrous. If these trends continue, we'll finish on 42.75 points (let's say 43) and with 71.25 goals (71?).

Last year Newcastle got 43 points, and scored only 45 goals. Villa scored 71, and won 60 points. In 2006/07, Newcastle again got 43 points, and scored on 38 goals. Only United scored more than 71 goals. In 2005/06 we got 43 points, and scored 43 goals. Chelsea (1st) and United (2nd) both got 'only' 72 goals.

Of course goals and points don't have a perfectly proportional relationship. I don't know whether we'll score 71 goals (but I wouldn't be surprised), whereas I'm sure we'll do better than 43 points. But this disparity is bizarre.

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Jamie said...

Funny old club aren't we?

Reminds me of the season we came fifth scoring and conceding over 100 goals.