Friday, 5 December 2008

PSG Player Ratings

Hart Had to make more good saves than we would have liked. Pretty flawless. 8

Zabaleta Good to have him back (he is a better full-back than Richards), but struggled a bit. Overran in the second half, when the midfield went missing. 6

Dunne Pretty competent, as he has been for the last few weeks. No major disasters. 7

Ben Haim Without his calamitous errors he's a pretty effective defender. Dragged out of place a few times, but has certainly played worse for us. 6

Garrido Not as good as he's been in recent weeks (behind Ireland no-one else has improved more), out of place and overrun for much of the second half 5

Kompany Our best outfield player. Broke down play over and over again, short passing effective, although aimed for and missed the front men quite a bit. 8

Ireland Not at the level of the last few weeks. Could have given Kompany more help in the second half. Understandably tired? 6

Elano Unlucky to get injured in what was a big chance for him. When on the pitch, played one delightful through ball for Sturridge, and showed a few nice touches. 6

Vassell I despair of the fact that after two consecutive summers of £50m+ sprees, he still gets in the team. Useless. Embarrasingly, demonstrably useless. 4

Jo Showed why Benjani gets in the team ahead of him. Looked low on confidence. For a lone striker, never seemed to be in or around the box when we needed him there. 5

Sturridge Still learning his way on the wing, and looks better there than Miller or Etuhu ever did. Good touches and movement, even if final product still to come. 7


Benjani Remember when we had Bianchi and Mpenza to choose from, and we thought it was bad? Touch, movement, shooting all poor. 5


Football 足球 The language of the beautiful game said...

If you are going to criticise a player can you at least make it constructive. You describe Vassell as "useless" - he is clearly not "useless" and it achieves or helps nothing by calling him that. He actually showed some great skill in the first half the other night, and if it had been Robinho people may have talked about it, but no, because it was "useless" Darius it gets brushed under the proverbial carpet, just like when Ireland ever did anything good last season or Samaras and countless others in years gone by.

He is another natural whipping boy boys for so-called "supporters" who lambast his every touch. He is one of those players that fans never seem to appreciate, or recognise his workrate and covering for others. He is doing a selfless job for the team in a position that is not his best, and until Hughes spends money then he will continue to do the job.

There is absolutely no point in getting on his back. Support the lad, sing is name...he wears the sky blue of Manchester City Football Club for God's sake!

illmatic said...

Jo, devoid of confidence but still better than Benjani....much better.

His vision and intelligence are streets ahead of Benjani. I saw him score two cracking goals in Beijing for Brasil and I know he can do it for Manchester City too. Jo deserves a run in the team. This, and only this, will restore his confidence.

mcfc2103 said...

Sorry but Vassell is USELESS. He cant beat a man with either skill or pace and generally runs into them, he can't pass forward to a Blue shirt, can't shoot and doesn't stop the opposing full back from getting forward.(evidence Evra) Other players don't pass to him if they can help it, he goes missing especially when Zab is going forward and invariably gets caught offside too often. Please tell me what skill he displayed on Wednesday as nobody I know witnessed it and whilst he continues we may as well play with ten men. Additionally our demise started last season when Sven brought him into the team FACT. Vassell is USELESS