Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunday papers: Owen and Senna

A few noteworthy articles on City in the Sunday papers today.

The News of the World says Hughes has identified Michael Owen as our main striking target, and is lining up a £4million bid. His contract expires in the summer, and it looks as if he won't be signing a new one. Joe Kinnear wants to keep him until May and risking losing out on a transfer fee, but the paper speculates we'll tempt Mike Ashley into selling now. The Sunday Telegraph has a similar story - but puts our bid at £6million rather than £4m.

I think Owen would be a great buy. Caicedo showed on Sunday that we provide good enough service for a relatively smart striker to flourish. Our problem was the laziness and imobility of Jo and Benjani, never been in the box when we needed them to be.

The back page of the Daily Star Sunday reads 'SPARKY IN £12M SENNA SWOOP'. The accompanying story tells us nothing new - its only quote is one from a named Villareal that was in the Mail last week. The story, should you want to read it, is here. The aforementioned Sunday Telegraph article also mentions Senna: apparrently he's "widely expected to arrive for a fee in the region of £3 million". Seriously?

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