Thursday, 18 December 2008

City set for sponsor switch

Our shirt sponsors for the last few years, Thomas Cook, are to end their deal with us this summer.
[Chief Executive Ian] Derbyshire said: "It's been great branding for us and we took the deal because it was the right deal at the right price. But it's different now."
Not very surprising, given the strength of the rumours about Etihad Airways (omg! it means 'united'! wtf!!1).


Jon Whitwam said...

I was under the impression that "Etihad" means "Unity", not "United".

Great blog Jack - carry on the good work!

Anonymous said...

ffs all the United scum have been saying this wtf cr*p.

Etihad mean "UNITY"

it does not mean United.

UNITY, ill say again, UNITY.