Monday, 29 December 2008

Bids for Parker and Bellamy

Monday's Daily Mail and Independent both carry stories on a £15m bid - £7.5m each - for West Ham's Craig Bellamy and Scott Parker.

We've been linked with Bellamy quite a bit recently but this is the first time I've seen Parker linked. He would represent the filling of as important a gap as Bellamy would - someone new to play central midfield to take some of the burden from Ireland and Kompany. As with Bellamy, I'd rather we went for other, better targets first but if we end up with those two (amongst others, of course) I wouldn't be too upset.

This bid's been rejected, but I'm sure we wouldn't have to go too much higher to get both of them. While we're there we should pick up Matthew Upson too, should Wenger refuse to let us have Kolo Toure.

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BluePeter said...

I must admit the thought of Bellamy pulling on the famous sky blue shirt sent a shudder down my spine originally, but then I thought it could be worse, it could be Robbie Savage!
If it's true I reckon Sparky is out for one or two quick fixes, although Bellamy has looked sharp recently and he can score; it's just he doesn't seem to stay long in any one place... and those tattoos, no class...
Parker would be an interesting signing, although it didn't work out for him in Newcastle, so would he find it as hard moving up to God's country?
How long would it be before he wanted to head back down to that there London?
Upson is another that could work; he's done well for both WHU and England recently.
Sparky has already come out and said it will probably be 2010 before we really start to challenge the top four, so it looks like the majority of January's signings are short-term fixes to get us back on track for a top half finish, further progress in the UEFA Cup and hopefully take off in the FA and then really go balls out in the summer for world stars.
Roque Santa Cruz looks nailed on, just hope his calf injury disappears as quickly as it arrived.
He looked class against us at the CoMS last season.
That night in particular he showed he possessed everything a top target striker needs - pace, a willingness to mix it, a good shot, the knack of being in the right place at the right time and the physical attributes (height and strength) to give any defender a hard time.
Also that night Samba in the Rovers' defence
looked very impressive.
The one other player I would definately like to see come in is Shay Given.
He's a proven international who would not only be the 'experienced 'keeper we crave, he would also bring on Joe Hart, who needs to learn an awful lot more about the game itself rather than the finer points of contract negotiation.
I realise he is young as is still developing but someone really should get him to dominate his area, to come out for the high balls and - I know it's not the done thing - catch them!
Come on Joe, we're behind you but you have to start knocking strikers out of the way and letting them know our 18-yard box - in particular the six-yard box - are no ho areas except for you.
Here's to the breaking signing news on Thursday.