Sunday, 21 December 2008

City vs WBA player ratings

Hart Not at fault for either goal. Almost scored a headed own goal in the first half. Must despair at the havoc Richards, Dunne and Ben Haim wreak in front of him. 6

Zabaleta Solid tackling, good distribution and some nice attacking play again. Crossing not brilliant but neither was Ireland's, SWP's or Vassell's. Caught upfield for West Brom's first. 6

Dunne Generally good, with one bad mistake in the second half. Not at fault for either goal, I think. Must hope he never has to play with Richards again. 6

Richards For 92 minutes it was his best game this season, he was quick and strong, first to everything and even offered a good attacking option at times. But then a looping cross came in, and he stood still as Bednar drifted off him and headed home. As bad as Dunne's gifted corner against Everton last week. 5

Ball An interesting choice over Garrido, but did his job well. Some pretty strong tackles, and got into good attacking positions. Lost Meite in the build up to WBA's winner, which was bad. 7

SWP Playing as a proper winger in a 4-4-2, he flourished. Some lovely runs and jinks. Crossing and corners never quite good enough though. 7

Kompany Got a bit bypassed in the first half by a very quick game. Improved later on, dominated possession well and caused problems in the box. Still looks tired though. 6

Fernandes One or two good touches, but should be chasing Koren and Greening around midfield. Allowed too much pressure on the back four. Out in January? 5

Ireland Looked refreshed after his (45 minute) rest on Thursday. Our best passer, would have got some assissts with better strikers. Brave tackling too. 8

Vassell A bit sharper than usual - made some good runs and caused a few problems. Still no end product and still no future at MCFC though. 6

Benjani Holds up the ball well but again just not good enough. If he doesn't cause Meite and Zuiverloon too many problems what do we expect to happen against the best? Eye for goal to rival Vass. 5


Caicedo His backheeled equaliser would be a candidate for cult status if it wasn't for Bednar's winner. The least bad of our fit strikers at the moment. 7


Dansidi said...

I would keep: Ireland, SWP and Zabaleta (plus a fit again Petrov). That's all.
Every single other player I would be happy to see leave the club (including the Brazilians)

Do we have any news on Petrov?

JPB said...

Agree on Ireland, SWP, Zabaleta and a fit Petrov. I'd also keep Kompany and Robinho, and wait to see how good Johnson and Bojinov are after injuries.

Regarding Petrov's injury, I think he's not back till February/March, his knee operation was quite serious.

Don said...

What about Hart? He's a keeper....

tommytheblue said...

disagree about hart, he should of come for the second one, he dithered from another and was lucky not be beaten earlier by bedner

but otherwise spot on.

dunne best game, but his clearances always cause us trouble.

oh how we miss petrov, he wont play again this season i assure you

Vassell is simply happless, he adds nothing to the attack aprt from aimless running. Why didn't hughes use buoyo evans

alanharmer442 said...

Balance of marks about right,but I shudder to think what a player has to do to warrant a 3 or 4.

Retention list (incl Hart) OK but does Hughes stay...Probably does but this likely means incomings may be fans second RSC, Bellamy instead of Villa, Fabiano etc.

Oh weel still better than supporting Leeds!!!!

Improvedliving said...

I would keep: Ireland, SWP and Zabaleta (plus a fit again Petrov).