Friday, 26 December 2008

City 5 - 1 Hull

  • While this was out of sync with the most recent trends of this season, there was much there today that we already knew.
  • Primarily, that we have attacking players of such quality that, when they are all playing well in unison, we are capable of exceptional attacking football. Today was very reminiscent of the 6-0 against Portsmouth, and, to lesser extents, the West Ham and Arsenal wins.
  • It was a further reminder that Steven Ireland is, on current form, one of the best central midfielders in the Premier League. He had it all today: dictating the pace of play from midfield, crossing from the right for both of Caicedo's goals, putting in Robinho for his first, and smashing home our fifth with minutes to go (with his left foot).
  • And alongside him, head and shoulders above the rest of our squad, is Robinho. Who could have predicted that it would only take fourteen Premier League starts for him to reach 10 league goals? It's the first time a City player's scored ten in the league since Fowler and SWP both got it (but no more) in 2004/05. And with half the season remaining, Anelka's 17 from 2003/04 is surely within reach. But it's not just about the quantity: his first today was magic - the pace, the flick onto his right, the finish across Myhill.

  • On the topic of quantity of goals, we're still flying. The current standings are: Chelsea 38, City 36, Villa 32, Arsenal 30, Liverpool 30. Our points tally is still atrocious, but this is cool nonetheless.

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