Thursday, 27 November 2008

Schalke 04 0 - 2 Man City

  • We're pretty much through. Only once ever has a team failed to progress with 6 points from the group stage - Rangers in 2004/05. We have two relatively easy games left though - PSG at home, Racing Santander away - from which we should be able to get some more confidence boosting wins.

  • Having been in a trough not long ago, the point at Hull, 3-0 win over Arsenal and then this evening's performance put us on a real high going into Sunday's derby. I still think we'll lose, but I do hope the whole 'crisis club' label's been shifted onto Blackburn or someone else for the time being.
  • Two interesting performances in defence: Vincent Kompany at centre back, Micah Richards at right back. Arguable that they were both playing in their strongest position, rather than where they've been this year. Both were very impressive. The problem though, is that while Kompany may be at least as good a centre half as Micah, Zabaleta is probably a better right back than he is as well. When Diarra arrives in January, could Kompany move back and put Richards on the bench?
  • Again, Steven Ireland was our best player. The energy, the skill, the tackling, the goal - it was all there, like it has been every week for months. We missed Robinho tonight, but we'd miss Stevie just as much if he got injured. When Johnson gets fit, and presuming on a January addition, we'll be spoilt for choice in midfield in 2009.
  • SWP in central midfield still doesn't look as good as he does out wide. I'd like to think that with everyone available he'd move back into Vassell's position and someone else would fill in for him centrally.
  • As good a team performance as we've seen this season. The first time we've won without scoring at least three goals. (As pointed out by cityfan_in_la in the comments this is an epic, epic fail by me. We've only won by 3+ goals in the league, but in the UEFA we've won quite a few by one or two goal margins) Coupled with Hull and Arsenal, maybe a sign that this gritless side is finally developing a stronger work ethic?
  • At long last - a win in a change kit! The first since West Ham away in August 2007. Now for one in the league...


Jack said...

As you probably know by now, City are already through to the knock out stages... they cannot finish lower than 3rd :-)

jfell said...

For every step forward that Ireland has made Richards has taken one back. That outburst against Kompany was disgusting; he should have dealt with the ball, he was nearest and he had a man on his shoulder. I agree that Micah's position could be under threat in Jan/Feb, I also think that it might be the best thing for him. Seems like he might spend his evenings reading last years papertalk regarding himself. Kompany for captain!!!!

cityfan_in_la said...

great post as usual. Small point tho'. None of City's wins in this comp were by 3 goals; But we did keep our record of winning every away game.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! More positive on away kits now then? I liked the all-orange kit better than with navy shorts... We looked like Holland!

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