Wednesday, 5 November 2008

FC Twente preview

  • Richard Dunne has a knee problem and is a major doubt. This may not be a bad thing as he is obviously not on top of his game and a break from the action may do him good.
  • Michael Ball, Benjani and Darius Vassell "could be in contention" according to's preview. It is unlikely they will play leading roles after minimal match practice. Ball seems to be third choice left back at the moment, although Benjani's experience might become useful with our current strikeforce of three young forwards. Jô is likely to start if fit, but there is no news on his tonsilitis problem.
  • Hughes showed himself to be a Vassell favourite, when the forward featured heavily in the early European round before his bad injury. I hate myself for saying this, but he could be a useful player to have at the moment, maybe just as a level-headed prescence in the dressing room rather than anything else.
  • Even if he was match fit, which I doubt he is, this is not Vassell's (or indeed Ball's or Benjani's) game. It demands people who have the skill to break down Twente and create chances. That is why we might keep the same attacking line up. We could have done with Vassell at the Reebok last week, though.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic like... But, surely it's...

Hughes showed himself to be a Vassell admirer...

Top blog, keep it coming, but with a bit less paranoia about what kit we're winning/losing in!

But hey who am I to question someone from SJC? Although I reckon it's because you've probably got a thesis to finish instead of blogging about MCFC all summer..?