Saturday, 29 November 2008

Slow improvement

I think we're finally seeing a bit more grit from Mark Hughes' City. After months of lazy surrenders punctuated by occassional brilliance, we seem to be a little bit tougher in recent weeks.

Coming from behind to get a point at Hull, out-battling Arsenal (not too difficult, though), going to Schalke and coming back with three points: are these examples of such a change? Or are we just playing better?

We still need Diarra though.


JoshMCFC said...

right firstly we dont need diarra we have kompany and occansionally Hammann with fernandes and johnson so why do we need 5 holding players we need a defender maybe try to sign Phillip Lahm or Raul Albiol then we need to sell vassell and people will say no to this but Benjani there to old and dont forget that Jo then we can buy some strikers like Fabiano or Santa Cruz they dont need to be young as there experience will rub off on Sturridge and Evans

Anonymous said...

I think what we're seeing is a return to the heights we reached, straight out of the box, v Pompey etc.. remember that was followed immediately by the Brighton game where Robinho was "rested"... I think this really shook the confidence of a few of our players, esp the defence so we then went to Wigan and again lost. We looked like we'd got it back v Liverpool but again the sending off of Zab and the resulting capitulation really knocked us off our defensive game for a good while longer. I think we're now back to square one after this week and Sunday is The Acid Test!

We'll see but I expect goals... From both sides!



tommytheblue said...

wouldnt get carried away...

Arsenal was a 1 off, we drew with hull which is pretty poor.
and schalke are another missfiring side, farfan, altintop yet the hit the glittering heights and of course kuranyi who has borrowed vassell boots this season.

we havnt truelly been tested... the united game, will either confirm proegress or shock with the lack of it...

i am no more convinved dunne is back to form as i was a month ago! but becasue he hasnt made any glaring errors leading to goals...he is assumed to be back..

if we are's the mark of a hughes side (nice) ..blackburn were often slow out of the blocks and would creep up the table as he ironed out the weak links...lets hope we can push on

as for diarra...he's not the only option, but is needed.

hammann is too old, too slow, a good pro, but cant hold a regualr place. fernandes is like road runner..he doesnt tackle well shows a lack of quality..he isnt composed at all. Johnson isnt a holding player and never has been. he likes to get foward and is good at it...a more clever player than ireland, but he is also a crock.

kompany is a better centre he played at hamburg...but even in the midfield we cant always rely on him...we need some one else to strenghten.

also JO is young..and is far better than evans who is at the time no more than a donkey...he is no way near premier league standard. watched him many times and despite his goals , i was never a fan...

roque santa cruz..the man who average 5 a season...was brought for 3.5 million, has one good season and now worth 18 mil...not a chance!