Sunday, 2 November 2008

Bolton 2-0 City: Player ratings

Hart: Made what I thought was a crucial save to deny Nolan when it was 0-0. Was solid throughout and did not look at fault for the two goals. 7

Zabaleta: Was part of our solid defending for the first 60 minutes of the game. Made a rash challenge in the first half and was booked, which perhaps suggested that he still needs to adjust to the Premier League. The Zabaleta/Corluka debate will only get going once he has played more games. 6

Ben Haim: It's difficult to find faults. Handled Kevin Davies well, along with Dunne. City didn't deserve to concede twice as Bolton didn't threaten for most of the game. Showed urgency when chasing the deficit, which will earn him plaudits with the fans. 6

Dunne: A good game, sprinkled with the crunching tackles and powerful headers that have become his trademarks. Was not helped by inexperienced left-back Richards, and had to calm after he reacted wildly to a foul. 7

Richards: Quite obviously played out of position, but this wasn't his fault. Caught out of position for the first goal, and his performance showed how poorly Hughes rates Ball and Garrido. 5

Wright-Phillips: Whenever he got the ball he was direct and energetic. Had he been given more service, he definitely would have had the beating of Samuel, but has begun to resemble Robinho in the way he drifts in and out of games. 5

Ireland: Ireland showed what an improvement he has been this season, with tireless industry and a great run to see himself through on goal. However, he missed this oppurtunity and had City scored the game would have been different. Was well marshalled by Bolton's midfield three. 6

Kompany: By far City's best outfield performer. Doing all the defensive work of City's midfield, must have felt like he was holding up the sky in the second half. Coped well and was always in the thick of things. Of the midfield three, which consisted of City's best player this year and a Brazilian, he looked the most composed in possession. Reproducing last year's Hamann is not the problem. 7

Elano: Despite his well-documented versatility, one feels in this deeper role he is being shunted out. City have more and better attacking talents than last season, but Elano has been stroppy when he has been substituted and left out. The product of this is unwelcome, especially on trips to the Reebok. Was not given the time he usually has to carve out attacks. 5

Robinho: To his credit, he kept on trying after being physically dominated by the Bolton right-back Steinsson. Fantastic skills, dribbles and the occasional pass that only he saw, but would have liked to be involved in the game more than he was. Is starting to learn how difficult the Premier League is. 6

Evans: When the ball came to him on the ground, he held it up well and brought others into play effectively. When the ball was played to him in the air, he didn't have a hope. Was involved in both our chances, setting up Ireland's one-on-one and missing his oppurnity. A work in progress. 6


Hamann: I thought I was watching Dabo. Gave away the ball more times in his twenty-minute stint than he did for the ninety minutes of his best games last year. 5

Sturridge: Didn't really disturb the wall that Bolton put up at the back after they went one up. Will get more chances due to the lack of options up front. 6

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